Your one stop shop for custom screenprinting, embroidery, banners
                     ​and more.
      Boundary Waters Screenprinting was opened with only the customer in mind, quality always precedes quantity. With previous experiences in screen printing shops, it was time for the customer to be treated right. Boundary Waters Screenprinting has been ensuring customer satisfaction at every turn since February 2011.

      Michael Karns, owner/artist, graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. Mike moved from Wisconsin shortly after college and has been working as the artist of screenprint shops ever since. With the entire business aspect now in his grasp, Mike can now control all of the artwork's unique styles as well as the quality of each print. Each art project that comes in allows him to push his artistic boundaries to new limits. With so many years of experience and awards at his backing, there is very little that Mike cannot do. 

      Boundary Waters Screenprinting is located in Redding, CA but customers can be found in Davis, San Diego, Wisconsin and as far as Cambodia (Asia). Customers are drawn for Michael's quality, and come back for his personality and ease to work with. 

      After a year of single-handedly running the shop, Mike decided to make Boundary Waters Screenprinting a family business. In early March of 2012, Mike hired his son, Trevor, to be the shop's Manager. Trevor's precision while printing has ensured the quality of each print be no less than perfect. 

      Boundary Waters welcomed a new employee in 2015. Duggan joined the team as a Screen Printer and has learned and grown much since then under Trevor's direction. Kyle is the newest employee for Boundary Waters. Originally hired for the embroidery department, he strives to learn more and push the limits of the industry. He has started learning to do custom digitization as well as screen printing when needed. Business is growing every day, but with this team in place, the sky is the limit.

      ​​Boundary Waters offers custom banner products and event merchandise as well. Competitive pricing and quality products. Call and ask Trevor for a quote today.

                                        ​​Don't forget, "The Art Sells the Shirt!"